Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"PE Hall of Shame"

While many people consider games such as kickball or dodge ball to be hall of shame games, I must say that I don't completely agree. I feel that if Physical educators are proactive in their teaching methods any game can be beneficial in creating physically educated individuals. simple modifications to rules and objectives can be made to any game to ensure its appropriateness. Dodge ball for example was a game I really enjoyed playing while I was growing up. Looking at the game from an educators perspective there are some definite flaws. Participation as in any game can be difficult to deal with. A simple solution to this problem is simply make the game optional, provide students with additional activities if they choose to do so. Elimination is also a big concern for many educators, my suggestion is to apply various modifications to that as well. One idea I came up with is for students who are hit to go and join the opposite team. The objective would then be for one team to get every player on their side. Although some games may be better suited for physical education classes, I feel that we as educators should never be to quick to dismiss any.

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