Friday, November 6, 2009

More Fun at St. Marry's

Today at St. Marry's was a lot of fun. The theme for the day was circus and we worked on the overhand throwing and catch. Most of the students seem to be at the elementary stage in their development of throwing and catching. Some of the students I worked with surprised my with their ability to catch. I challenged them by throwing some tough passes at them and for the most part they were able to pull them in. They challenged me at as well by throwing balls back to me at the same time to see how I would react, they thought that was funny. When it came time for free play two students taught me how to make houses out of hoola hoops. I guess they didn't trust me much because my job was only to hold the hoops as they constructed their houses. Today was a lot of fun, not only was I able to help them practice catching and throwing, they were able to teach me a thing or to as well.

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  1. I remember doing this hula hoop thing with these kids. Great job interacting with them.